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j00s-deactivated20130911 asked: ha. me and my sister were listening to the song today and told me about the whole 'kray' thing... i just checked it out for myself tonight and relearned her all about it haha! at least she isn't like my other sister. she believes in all that gaga hova illuminati shit


this screenshot is epic on so many levels… lmaooo i can’t even begin on how fucking retarded people are. lmao. my heart hurts…
his intentions were “good”, nah, i take that back.
Creating The Greatest Internet Troll In History (The Origin of That Shit Cray)


I don’t wanna say that the shit was hard because it wasn’t. People are just idiotic, plain and simple. Even though my post (that I made up) sounds intelligent, it has many typos and lyrical fuck-ups that people failed to catch on to except for a few people who KNOW the song and went to the concert. I SINGLEHANDEDLY stopped the world from using CRAY and got them to start using KRAY and slaughter the shit out of Niggas in Paris. The worst part is people still don’t believe that

  • I made it up on tumblr
  • that i made it up period
  • that it’s made up
  • that it’s not real
  • that it’s fake
  • that it’s a troll
  • that Ye and JAY really meant CRAY
  • that they weren’t referring to the Kray twins

and i’m sitting back like “the fuck” this is getting way out of hands. There are still dummies on tumblr reblogging the post and dumb fucks on twitter retweeting the pictures and forums and blogsites reporting my troll as NEWS. I won’t be surprised if it didn’t get back to Ye and Jay yet. I take FULL credit for making up that they were talking about the KRAY twins in the song because nobody helped me write the bogus ass post. I wrote it on my own. 

People are arguing with me but there’s no post before the 1st November 2011 before 4:52pm because that’s when I wrote it. Of course all tracks are pointing towards me because I did the shit. Everything got out the early morning of 2 November 2011 and people still don’t know it was a hoax so they’re still reporting on it. I’m trying to tell people that it was a hoax but they’re not believing it. Maybe people are as stupid as I thought… 

Meanwhile, check out the blog dedicated to my EPIC INTERNET TROLL 

the origin of that shit cray”

HAHA, There’s An Article About Me.



read the entire article here::


watch the throne. planning when to catch round two…wish I was in phillytown tonight boyyyyy. 
philips arena, atlanta, ga (10.29.2011)

you guys have been trolled by the best